Does more noise mean more collaboration at the Leeds’ Raspberry Jam?

Originally posted on Claire Garside:
Absolutely not? But could it mean more Maker style Meet ups as we move forward? When the team?from York Hack Space joined us at this weekend’s Raspberry Jam our Maker Space got a tad more ambitious. An increased range of?activities and projects,?incorporating?Raspberry Pi and Arduino as the basis to hack…

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Search and rescue

Originally posted on candidkay:
My mother, when she was dying, said to me, “There are no wrong answers, Kris.” She was speaking from the vantage point of someone who has nothing left to lose. Someone with the luxury of looking back on a life filled with worry about making the right choices and realizing, in…

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Originally posted on The power of Quantum Thinking:
In a time when technology is winning the race and your mobile phone has become an extension of your being. It is every day more difficult to be present in our “here and now.” I was walking on the street enjoying the Sun when suddenly I saw…

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Originally posted on ischemgeek:
Intro: #HighFunctioningMeans – and its siblings, #LowFunctioningMeans and #FunctioningLabelsMean are trending on Twitter right now. For insight into what neurodiverse people really think of functioning labels, I suggest you check those tags out. I participated in the hashtag, and in my usual verbose way, I realized that I’d completely flood it if…

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