Space Nerds In Space

Space Nerds In Space is a cooperative multiplayer networked starship simulator for linux (and I’m told it works on Mac OSX too.) The idea is you get several of your friends together with their computers in a room with a projector. One computer runs the central server simulation of the game’s universe. Each player’s computer acts as a station on a simulated starship. For example, there are stations for Navigation, Weapons, Engineering, Communications, Damage Control, and the “Main View” (an out-the-window 3d rendering.) Multiple starships each with their own team may connect to the server for bridge-vs-bridge combat, or for cooperative play. Additionally, a game master may inject and control various NPC ships into the game to entertain the players, and scenarios may be constructed with a Lua based scripting API.

via Space Nerds In Space.

I will be going through their youtube videos and showing some of the things they are working on. I plan on installing this and I’ll post some videos when I do.


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