Big Mess o’ Wires » Sonic Bow Tie

via Big Mess o’ Wires » Sonic Bow Tie.

The Sonic Bow Tie is an electronic kit with a circuit board shaped and sized like a real bow tie, and colored classic black. Once assembled, a piece of ribbon can be anchored through the board’s central mounting holes, making it easy to wear at the collar of a dress shirt or tied around a ponytail.

Attending a wedding soon? Graduation ceremony? Audience with the pope? The Sonic Bow Tie is the perfect geek accessory for any formal occasion. Your audience will be blown away by your neck-based audio-visual spectacle. Imagine the scene as bow tie lights flash and a digital melody bursts forth. With a wave of your hand you exert theremin-like controls, shifting the pitch of digital warbling at will. Is this magic?!

Ladies: are bow ties not your style? Turn it around, and make a dazzling electronic ponytail holder perfect for your next Maker Faire presentation or inaugural ball.

The kit contents are simple through-hole parts, so it’s easy to solder even for a beginner. Build one for yourself, or get a kit for your kid/student/friend and assemble it together. Who wants the boring LED blinker in a typical learn-to-solder kit, when you could have a crazy bleeping sonic bow tie theremin?


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