You Can Play ‘Pac-Man’ In Google Maps Right Now

wow Google you just keep it up

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Wednesday is April Fools? Day, and Google?s already released its first ?prank.? Well, it?s less of a prank and more of a treat. Starting on Tuesday, you can play the classic arcade game ?Pac-Man? on Google Maps.

Here?s how to play: Go to Google Maps, and on the bottom left of the map you?ll see a little box with a screengrab from ?Pac-Man? in it. It looks like this:

pac man google maps

So far, we?re only seeing this on desktop versions of Google Maps, not on the mobile app.

To play, click on the ?Pac-Man? square, and Google Maps will zoom into your map and transform it into a game. (It works best if you use an area with lots of streets.) You can use your arrow keys to move the Pac-Man around the streets, eating up the little pellets and fruits while avoiding the ghosts.

It?s not clear how long this…

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