Does more noise mean more collaboration at the Leeds’ Raspberry Jam?

Here are some really cool DIY projects some other people are working on using Raspberry Pi and others…

Claire Garside

Absolutely not?

But could it mean more Maker style Meet ups as we move forward?

When the teamfrom York Hack Space joined us at this weekend’s Raspberry Jam our Maker Space got a tad more ambitious.

An increased range ofactivities and projects,incorporatingRaspberry Pi and Arduino as the basis to hack with, gave way to more conversations, thoughts, ideas and inspiration towards next steps for everyone.

And actually, some newboards for some to consider too, but all to encourage collaboration and supporting ideas to share.

IMG_7334 Robotic Art – click for more info

What could happen next? Who helped who?

  • A year 8 student brought along a Raspberry Pi photo booth project that inspired a couple of teachers to consider projects with that theme for enrichment activities.
  • Another Year 8 student gave us an update about her Raspberry Pi robot project and what her future plans hold. Extending her remote control hack?

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