Does more noise mean more collaboration at the Leeds’ Raspberry Jam?

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Absolutely not? But could it mean more Maker style Meet ups as we move forward? When the team?from York Hack Space joined us at this weekend’s Raspberry Jam our Maker Space got a tad more ambitious. An increased range of?activities and projects,?incorporating?Raspberry Pi and Arduino as the basis to hack…

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Trail of Bits Releases Capture the Flag Field Guide

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Free Online Coursework Allows Students, Professionals to Build Essential Offensive Security Skills New York, NY (May 20, 2014)–Security researchers at Trail of Bits today introduced the CTF Field Guide (Capture the Flag), a freely available, self-guided online course designed to help university and high school students hone the…

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Inside the world’s best kindergarten

At Fuji Kindergarten outside Tokyo, kids make the most of a magical environment designed just for them. The roof of their oval-shaped school, designed by Tokyo-based firm Tezuka Architects, is an endless playground, and trees grow right through classrooms.

So how do you build to let children be children? Says Takaharu Tezuka (TED Talk: The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen): Think like a kid. He was inspired by his own daughter and son, now twelve and nine, who he says “have become a part of his body.” As they grew up, their habits and desires became his, and in designing his school with his wife, Yui, he only needed to channel them to know what to build. Explore the school and dive into Daddy and Mommy Tezuka’s kid-centered design thinking.

The playground lets kids run forever

“We designed the school as a circle, with a kind of endless circulation…

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Search and rescue

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My mother, when she was dying, said to me, “There are no wrong answers, Kris.” She was speaking from the vantage point of someone who has nothing left to lose. Someone with the luxury of looking back on a life filled with worry about making the right choices and realizing, in…

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